Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Brian Wansink's Mindless YouTube

Brian Wansink, the head of Cornell's Food and Brand's Lab is a great researcher and a fantastic speaker. I first saw him lecture in Vancouver at the Obesity Society conference last year and recently he released his first mainstream book, Mindless Eating (book review to come in coming weeks).

A few weeks before I started the Canada's Food Guide series, he appeared on 20/20 talking about some of his experiments. His work focuses on the invisible cues that make us eat - how plate, cup and container size affect our portions and he offers some great suggestions on how to help remove those cues from our lives.

Here, through the magic of the Internet and more specifically You Tube is a part of Dr. Wansink's 20/20 segment:

(Looking for the Food Guide series? It can be found if you click here.)

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