Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Did You Hear the One About Disney Not Marketing Junk Food to Kids?

Picture's worth a thousand words, no?

(or in this case perhaps a thousand calories)

Photo above taken by me at Heathrow airport, but admittedly, it was this past May - before Disney's big announcement on not marketing junk to kids.....


This trailer for McDonald's Happy Meals with toys from the coming kid movie Rise of the Guardians?

It came out today.

Update: Am told the movie isn't being distributed by Disney....but that Disney's Wreck It Ralph also had a Subway tie in.

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  1. And Nestle's on the bandwagon, too! Surprised? Two companies without kids' best interests at heart, that's for sure.

  2. Quietsunshine9:43 am

    I hate correcting information, but Rise of the Guardians is Dreamworks which is distributed through Paramount (and will move to 20th Century Fox).

    I was at Subway and Disney is marketing Wreck-it-Ralph through them.

    Granted I don't think Disney is quite innocent in the food marketing arena.

    1. Didn't dreamworks and Disney sign a distribution deal a few years ago?

      Thanks for correction and Wreck it Ralph reference.

    2. Quietsunshine10:25 am

      Should have been clearer - Wreck it Ralph was in the the Subway meals! Though I know Subway is into Health Washing.

    3. Anonymous6:23 pm

      I don't see the problem here. Everyone knows Subway doesn't sell junk fook, it only sells healthy nutritious food. My favourite health food is the oil-soaked m&m cookies =D

  3. Anonymous10:41 am

    At least the kid is eating a slice of apple, not a french fry!