Thursday, January 22, 2015

Holy Crap! Holy Crap Healthwashed Cereal Packs the Sugar of Froot Loops

From the when you dry/concentrate/evaporate fruit you're left with sugar file comes Holy Crap breakfast cereal.

Sure, it's got plenty of healthful stuff in it, but spoon for spoon, it contains the sugar of Froot Loops.

And I mean "spoon" given that the makers report that a serving is a mere 2 tablespoons. For reference that photo up above shows one tablespoon. Suggesting two of those is a serving, to me at least, seems more than a touch hopeful as I struggle to imagine anyone only having 2 tablespoons of their breakfast cereal, especially one that's billed as incredibly healthful. If you took a half a cup of the stuff, for some still a rather small amount of cereal, that half cup, not including milk, would contain 440 calories and 4 teaspoons of sugar. Add milk and now the calories are bordering on those of a Big Mac - probably not what most are aiming for in a breakfast, let alone a teeny, weeny, bowl of breakfast.

Oh, and if you opted instead for a half a cup of Dark Chocolate Holy Crap, before the milk you'd be at 480 calories and 8 teaspoons of sugar (double the sugar spoon for spoon of Froot Loops).

Though to be fair, perhaps Holy Crap's mind boggling price (I'd believe it if 9 out of 10 first time buyers upon seeing the price said, "Holy Crap!") of $11.99/cup ($0.75/tablespoon) does in fact keep the pours small.

Either way, read your labels folks.

(If you want to save some money and make some of this stuff for yourself, I found this homemade recipe)

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