Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lunch - Back to School Edition

I hope you don't live in Harrisonburg VA because if you do your poor children might find something looking a lot like that picture above on their plate this week for lunch.

Apparently the Harrisonburg VA school system decided it'd be a great idea to post pictures of their school lunches on their website.

I guess they didn't anticipate what would happen once the blogosphere grabbed hold of them.

Here are some of the descriptive commentaries found online on non-Harrisburg VA school system websites to accompany the photos,
"This might explain the increase in heart attacks among Harrisonburg sixth graders."

"It’s no coincidence that the abbreviation for this dish is “BM.”"

"If you cut white bread up into rectangles and give it a European name, it’s still slices of white bread."

"As you can see, the corn dog is such a complete nutritional package that it needs no sides."

"This sandwich used to be called the “Ebola Chicken Sandwich."
Do you know what your kids are being served?

If there are some intrepid kids or parents out there who come across any particularly egregious examples of non-nutritious fare at their schools, feel free to take some sleuthy photos and send them my way.

[Hat tip to Brad via HolyTaco (where you can see all the pics in all of their unholy glory]