Saturday, September 04, 2010

Saturday Stories (expanded no post on labour day edition)

"Children have to learn how to be bored. They could start by reading this."

Blogging and skeptical buddy Jonathan skewers the Canadian Medical Association for their call to ban mixed martial arts and not homeopathy.

Ezra Levant wants us Canadians to boycott The Gap (I'm in).

The New York Times covers an MD I had the pleasure and honour of briefly training with during my clerkship - Dr. Donald Redelmeier. I was always terrified when he was at morning report as his intellect was as intimidating as his research was fascinating.

Dan Gardner wonders why we aren't more scared of lawn mowers.

Mmmmmmmm....Immortal burger

Dr. Arya Sharma takes on the NEJM story on the risks of meridia.

Lastly here's an incredible video on the creation of an empathic civilization - well worth watching even just to marvel at the production. Click here if you're an email subscriber or if the video below doesn't work.