Thursday, November 22, 2012

Parental "No" Files: Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts?!

So today Royal Roads Public School in Ingersol, Ontario is selling their students $2 "candy bags" to support Hurricane Sandy's relief effort.  It doesn't breach Ontario's Healthy Schools Food and Beverage Policy (as that allows for 10 days of junk food fundraising speaking to the value of the policy), but no doubt it does undermine some parents' efforts to limit their children's exposure to and consumption of candy.

Is there truly no other way to raise money than to sell candy?

But no worries.  As they likely have to do multiple times a day consequent to the world's constant thrusting of junk food at their children against their wishes including in deeply trusted institutions such as our publicly funded school system, parents can just say "No".

[Hat tip to disgruntled parent and healthy living advocate Dr. Jonathan Clow]