Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saturday Stories: Peanut Butter Felonies, Calcium & Vit D supplements, BPA, Cancer, and Death

Too many great stories this week so an extended edition!

Maryn McKenna and a fabulous piece in Wired on the recent peanut butter felonies - Shit, Just Ship It.

The delightful Marion Nestle shares her recent editorial on whether or not we should still be recommending Calcium and Vitamin D supplements.

Trevor Butterworth in Forbes interviews a world expert and non-industry funded expert on phthalates and other environmental chemicals on whether or not we've been told an evidence based truth regarding the risks of BPA

An anonymous woman shares the real life impact her cancer's diagnosis and treatment had upon her marital identity.

Propublica Health Reporter Charles Ornstein with an incredible and personal piece on the recent death of his mother Harriet.

[And in case you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, here's this week's US News and World Report column - how to fight back against your children's sugar and junk food pushers.]