Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Stories: Twix (sort of), Willpower and More on Big Cup Bans

Great short post from my friend Hemi Weingarten the founder of Fooducate on front of package calorie labeling and chocolate bars.

Friend, former overweight kid, now co-founder of Fitocracy and fitness phenom Dick Talens on the myth of willpower.

The NYTs Mark Bittman with a great piece on the failed (so far) Bloomberg cup size ban.

[And if you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter no US News and World Report column this week, but I did do a segment you can watch with Canada AM on the recent abstract that says drinking soda will kill you.]

Also, here's a research request from some folks over in Toronto working on a new health screening tool for kids:
"Calling all health care practitioners with an interest in paediatric healthcare! Researchers at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and the University of Toronto are looking for Physicians, Dietitians, Nurses and Health Psychologists to participate in a short, anonymous online survey (click here) to share their opinion on the development of a new health screening tool for children: The Healthy Body Scorecard.  It aims to address some of the limitations associated with the use of Body Mass Index (BMI) alone and provide a user-friendly tool that will help identify the heath needs of children aged 2-18. Everyone who completes the survey can enter a draw for a $150 gift card."