Thursday, February 06, 2014

Does Canada's Food Guide Lead to Weight Gain? The Debate Videos are Live!

Last week I had the pleasure of debating Dr. Hasan Hutchinson, the Director General of Health Canada's Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion (the folks in charge of the Food Guide). We were debating whether or not the Food Guide and its messaging might in fact lead folks who followed it to gain weight.

Rather than skew your viewing with commentary, I'll leave it to you to watch (and for the sake of watching ease it's split into logical chunks), but do want to once again thank and congratulate Health Canada for letting Dr. Hutchinson come out and play. Debate and discussion are the cornerstones of healthy dialogue and no doubt help to inform change, and while generally Health Canada has been loathe to allow their employees to speak candidly, this debate was a very welcome exception to that unfortunate rule.

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[Huge thanks to David Baker the Founder of Live Fit Docs who despite his daughter being 3 days old, volunteered to come out and shoot the event. Huge thanks too to his VERY understanding wife! And of course thanks also to the CON-SNPs who organized the night.]


Hasan Hutchinson's Opening Arguments

Yoni Freedhoff's Opening Arguments

Hasan Hutchinson's Rebuttal

Yoni Freedhoff's Rebuttal

Hasan Hutchinson's & Yoni Freedhoff's Closing Remarks

Post Debate Q&A