Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When RDs Include Coca-Cola on Their List of Good Snack Ideas Who Pays?

A few days ago AP reporter Candice Choi covered the story of RDs who as part of a Coca-Cola funded black history month campaign, included Coca-Cola on their list of healthy/smart snack options which ultimately led to this from The Onion,

The Coke loving RDs, Robyn Filipse and Sylvia Melendez-Klinger, stand by their recommendations and to paraphrase from Choi's piece, reject the notion that being paid by Coca-Cola is/was an influence.

This past week also saw the sale of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Kids Eat Right logo to Kraft to place on their "pasteurized processed cheese product" Kraft Singles - much to the chagrin on many RDs. That move even hit The Daily Show where Jon Stewart took aim,
and where according to Andy Bellatti (I haven't seen the episode yet), Stewart skewered the Academy with this zinger,

In short, it hasn't been a great week optically for RDs, and many of my RD friends have expressed their frustration that the actions of a few, or of their organizations, are casting shadows on their profession. I don't disagree, and am rooting for this petition, started by 3 frustrated RDs to not only "repeal the seal", but also to further what seems to be a much needed discussion about public-private programs, policies, and partnerships and whether or not they help or harm, their profession as a whole.