Wednesday, August 23, 2017

PSA: Scales Measure Gravity, Not Health, Happiness, Success, or Effort

Just a periodic reminder that scales measure the gravitational pull of the earth at a given moment in time - nothing else.

Scales don't measure the presence or absence of health.

Scales don't measure happiness.

Scales don't measure success.

And scales don't measure effort.

Too many people believe scales measure things other than gravity, and for some, those beliefs lead them to abandon their best efforts.

If you're ever curious about how you're doing, consider the fact that the answer to that question has to do with the doing.

Are you cooking more frequently? Minimizing your liquid calories? Decreasing your restaurant reliance? Not drinking to excess? Cultivating sleep? Exercising as much and as often as you can reasonably enjoy? Keeping a food diary of some sort?

The answer to those questions (and of course that list isn't exhaustive, nor will all questions apply to all people) are how you're doing.

Please don't confuse what you weigh with how you're doing. Though there's often overlap, they're definitely not one in the same.