Tuesday, June 05, 2007

National Action Against Obesity - An organization I will NOT join.

Here's an example of something terribly wrong. Out there is an organization entitled, "National Action Against Obesity". Sounds like a group for me, no?


As far as I'm concerned, NAAO is as biased and backwards an organization as you can get and while I may indeed agree with some of their positions (such as governments doing too little to help with this major public health concern), I'm absolutely appalled by the virulence and vitriol of their arguments.

To see what I mean, click the video below (remember email subscribers need to head to my blog to see videos) and watch as the organization president Meme Roth espouses her asinine, biased, offensive and disturbing view that the most recent winner of American Idol is not worthy because her BMI doesn't fit Meme's ideal.

When I watched this video the words contemptible and loathsome leaped to mind. How about you?