Friday, March 20, 2009

Breaking News! The Holy Grail of Deep Fryers Found!

This is a deadly serious post.

I, like most, enjoy French fries. I even "buried" two deep fryers in my pre-med days of bachelorhood.

Now of course I know French fries are not good for me (potatoes not so good either), but that said, sometimes they're worth the risk though usually my "fries" take the form of home-made, oven baked fries.

The days of fake fries may soon be over! Soon I may be back to "real" fries.


Apparently T-fal has figured out how to make a deep fryer that fries 2.2lbs of potatoes using only one measly tablespoon of oil!

T-fal folks, if you're reading and want to send me a machine to try out (they're not yet available for purchase in Ontario) I won't complain and will happily review.

Bliss doesn't come cheap however.

$350 and apparently ready for market late this year.