Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday Stories: Intermittent Fasting Science, Diet Quality, and Crappy Breakfasts

Want to read more about the state of the evidence underpinning intermittent fasting? My friend Dr. Bojan Kostevski thesis is the review you're looking for.

You've only got 2 weeks left to read this thoughtful piece by Drs. Ludwig and Friedman in JAMA on how the quality of our dietary choices may affect our weights.

Nancy Huehnergarth in Civil Eats with a great piece on whether whole grain poptart breakfasts are better than no breakfasts for our kids.

[And if you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook you can read my US News and World Report piece on how walking's not likely to lead you to lose piles of weight, here I am in the Globe and Mail suggesting that if you're keen on your kids getting outside and playing, you should head outside and play with them, and here's a great piece by Christie Aschwanden in The Washington Post on whether or not you need to "refuel" or "recover" post exercise (with some quotes from me).]