Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Bunch of Photos of Coca-Cola Not Marketing to Kids

Coca-Cola Vienna City Marathon (Austria)
Or maybe they are marketing to kids.

Clearly they're photos of Coca-Cola's involvement and sponsorship of kid sport. But marketing?


Not that it's exactly news that corporations sponsor sport because it's good marketing, but it was news to me at least that Coca-Cola was transparent about their involvement therein calling it quite plainly, "sports marketing".

So here are some more photos of Coca-Cola's sports marketing. Marketing that's clearly targeting the kids they always deny targeting (though it's true, some of the kids here look 12 years old, which according to Coca-Cola, means they're no longer children and hence fair game).

Coca-Cola's Powerade Final Four Dribble Event (USA)

Coca-Cola Soccer Camp (Brazil)

Coca-Cola "What's Your Sport" Campaign (Serbia)

Coca-Cola Cup (Poland)

Coca-Cola WNBA Fit (USA)