Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The iPhone Treadmill?

In the stupider than you could imagine category, today I'm bringing you the, "Fingermill".

It's an iPhone application that,

"turns your device into a treadmill for your fingers"
According to the product page,
"Fingermill is a fun game that will keep you amused and your fingers in good shape"
Want yours?

$0.99 on iTunes.

[Hat tip to loyal blog reader Rob (not fitness director Rob)]

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  1. Stupider than I could imagine is exactly right. So, you spend 30 seconds making walking-fingers on your iphone and that's finger fitness??????

  2. Anonymous12:37 pm

    If they were smart, they would partner with yellow.ca so they could revive that old "let your fingers do the walking" slogan!

  3. Thanks Dr.F!
    I used the fingermill for an hour and now Shauna says I can eat another 400 Kcals today!