Monday, December 08, 2008

Learn to Count with Doughnuts?

Came across these stupendous games while speaking at the Family Medicine Forum in Toronto last weekend.

They're made by a company called Learning Resources from a line of games quobesigenically entitled, "Smart Snacks".

The box reads,

"Imaginative Play that Teaches"
Do you think maybe, just maybe, letting your toddlers play with models of cookies and doughnuts might make them more likely to want to eat more cookies and doughnuts?

Now I'm not one to forbid my kids or anyone else's kids treats - they're part of life, but do you really think that going out of your way to keep doughnuts and cookies in the foreground of your toddler's consciousness is the best plan?

(If only they made these in ice-cream sandwich versions that St. Andrew Catholic School could use in local preschool feeder schools - might do wonders for their Grade 1 class' weekly ice-cream sandwich fundraising!)