Monday, April 13, 2009

Irony Alert: Dunkin' Donuts

Thanks to Andrea from one of my favourite non-nutrition/weight/food related local blogs A Peek Inside the Fishbowl who has noticed that Dunkin' Donuts' new slogan is, "America runs on Dunkin".

Here's Dunkin' Donuts' official explanation,
"What are the keys to getting things done? A can-do attitude, of course. And a quick stop at Dunkin' Donuts. Whether you need a delicious cup of coffee, a quick snack on the go, or an icy cold beverage, Dunkin' Donuts helps you tackle any task at hand.

Mom and dads. Students and senior citizens. Blue collar, white collar, and every collar in between. Dunkin' Donuts is how everyday people get things done, every day.

Dunkin' Donuts. America Runs On Dunkin'
Word of advice America (Canada too, we're not doing so well ourselves) - perhaps it's time to stop running on Dunkin'.