Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Stories

This past week was ridiculously busy so not much time to read.

Before I get to the links two brief updates. Remember the teasers I was putting out regarding Health Canada? Well two things are slowing me down from giving you folks one doozy of a story. The first is that I'm waiting for an official response from Health Canada to a pile of questions I sent them. The second is that the Canadian Medical Association Journal has hired me to write the story for their news section and consequently rather than just have my snarky opinion and be done with it, I've got to do my due diligence and research all sides of the story, conduct piles of interviews and then write journalistically (see, here in the blog I can make up words) about it. I'm hoping for some time next month.

Second update? Tune into CBC Marketplace next Friday night and you can catch me on their piece on the pros and cons of Herbal Magic.

Stories that managed to capture my minuscule attention span this week:

Vincci and her C'eci n'est pas un food blog shares a whole pile of nutrition related links (including one that'll lead me to a blog post on Monday).

While Peter at Obesity Panacea continues their ownership of top 10 lists with their latest regarding annoying gym personalities.