Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chewable Lipitor candy for kids?

Thanks to blog reader Craig for forwarding me a report on the EU's approval of a new chewable tablet of Lipitor (the cholesterol lowering medication) geared for use in kids ages 10 and up.

And according to a study published yesterday in the Journal Pediatrics, the market's probably bigger than once thought. The lead researcher of the study, one where over 20,000 kids' cholesterol levels were screened, was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as stating that current pediatric cholesterol screening guidelines would have missed 36% of kids with, "seriously high LDL".


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  1. This is just a sad state of affairs. I took our kids to the pool yesterday and when I got home had to ask my wife how young kids can be so pudgy at that age. I think our kids eat way to many refined carbs, but they're skinny by comparison (they are a healthy weight). Of course, even the "bad" food they eat is cooked at home with rare trips to restaurants and they don't drink sugar sweetened drinks. This is a disaster in the making for everyone except the medical / pharma community.

  2. Marilyn Mann7:15 am

    My daughter has heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia and I chose to have her treated with atorvastatin, but I think it would also have been OK to wait until she was 18 or 20. For those who don't know, FH is a genetic disease that causes very high LDL from birth (250-270 in my daughter's case). Men with FH who aren't treated sometimes have heart attacks as early as their mid-30s (my husband's maternal grandfather died of a heart attack at 35.
    In my opinion, the AAP and AHA guidelines for drug therapy for kids with lipid abnormalities are overly aggressive. The AAP guidelines provide for drug therapy as early as age 8. That just isn't necessary except in rare cases.

  3. Mavis8:51 pm

    My sister is administrator for Cork County Hospital. They want to put statins in the water supply-forget about chewables.

  4. Anonymous9:17 am

    I think parents who medicate a child based on predatory marketing (and virtually no science) should be investigated for child abuse. A cholesterol level of around 250 is not life-threatening, no matter what name it's given. High cholesterol is not a disease. "FH" is not a genetic "disease" any more than red hair is.

    I am 68. All of those years I have lived with a cholesterol level of nearly 500. I was healthy, vibrantly healthy, until I was fed this FH merde, and may never fully recover from statin harm. This class of drugs not only lowers cholesterol. They cause mitochondrial damage. They lower the cholesterol in the brain, and do heaven knows what there in a child.

    High cholesterol is not a disease.

    A cholesterol of 200-250 isn't high. To say that is marketing scam. To medicate a child based on marketing, a child who has no choice ... well, there's a name for that too, in my opinion.