Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Stories: Shalom, Motherf***er, Letters and Crossfit

Shalom, Motherf***er - an amazing visceral and heartfelt piece by Eitan Chitayat that jumped from being a personal posting on his Facebook page on Wednesday, to a blog piece in Times of Israel that as of Friday (when I'm writing this) has been shared over 60,000 times.

An amazing tale of love and lost letters via Abigail Jones in Newsweek

Is Crossfit a religion asks Jon Gugala in his piece exploring the craze.

[And for those who don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, below's a segment I did with the globe and mail on dietary sugar reduction, and here's a segment I did with CTV's The Social on digestive health, bloating, FODMAPs, detox, salt, and poop.]

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  1. I hadn't given the cereal placement that much thought. My family doesn't usually eat cereal because between the cereal and the milk, I think the cost isn't worth it but yesterday, since my husband and daughters were going to be gone to a "Dad and Me" camp for the weekend I bought cereal and milk as a treat for myself. I bought Life cereal and reduced sugar Frosted Flakes. The Life was at shoulder level(it is a WIC cereal so on the lower end for sugar). The reduced sugar Frosted flakes were on the highest shelf, above my head, one tiny spot, over a 6 foot high section of high sugar frosted flakes.
    I wish that labeling would include a catagory for added sugar as opposed to sugar integral to the food. You used the examples of tomato sauce and yogurt. Both milk and tomatoes have sugar in their natural state. So if my daughter's greek yogurt is the equivelant of cultured condensed milk, it would naturally have the sugar of the original volume of milk, how would you calculate that? You can argue that we should produce more of our own food but I doubt most people are prepared to not only bake their bread, cook all their meals from scratch(which I 95% do) but then also create all their fruit preserves, yogurts, tomato sauce, etc as well? I am a stay at home mom and while I do have chickens, a garden, and really love to cook, I am not willing to do it.
    I also agree that kids get used to food not being that sweet. Recently my kids stayed with their aunt overnight and she fed them pancakes with syrup. They complained that they were horrible and too sweet and refused to finish them. At home, they are used to pancakes with a dab of syrup, just enough so you taste it. If course they like sweets, but they don't expect pancakes to be that sweet.
    And finally, since you keep bringing up the Isreali situation, what would be your suggestion to end the situation? Yes, Hamas are terrorists who shamelessly put civilians in harm's way and attack Isreal continuously without reasonable provocation. Yet Isreal, consistantly reacts the same way, short term bombing into submission of the area, which seems to produce a short term aleviation of the situation which then erupts in violence in a few years. A commentator on a US news station suggested that Isreal needs to use chemical and biological weapons to deal with the problem, which horrified me.(Have we forgotten the horrors of WWI so quickly?)