Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Best $100 You Could Ever Spend On Your Health Or Weight

A second freezer.

Available on your local buy and sell, a spare freezer is an incredible asset to health and weight. Buy one and suddenly you'll have a place to stock up on sale priced foods (and you might use an app like Flipp to find them), and more importantly, a place to store your own homemade convenience meals.

Simply put, every time you cook, double or triple the recipe and save yourself the need to order in takeout or head out for a meal because you're too tired to make it yourself. You'll save boatloads of calories and shaker-fulls of salt.

The price is right too. I've even seen some advertised as first come first served free. And if buying one allows you to avoid even 5 takeout orders a year, it'll easily pay for itself, and use it regularly and it'll pay for itself many times over.

[One more tip, this one for soon to be parents, before your baby's born cook up 3 months worth of dinners and freeze them. You'll thank me later.]