Monday, January 23, 2017

$0.25 Per Cookie Supporting A Kids Hospital Is Marketing, Not Philanthropy

Yet another in the ugly parade of questionable hospital based junk food fundraising is this campaign being promoted by the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

Each cookie packs more calories than a Snickers Bar along with 7.5 teaspoons of primarily added sugar - 1.5 teaspoons more than the World Health Organizations recommended daily maximum.

While I'm not sure there are dollar values that justify a hospital encouraging the consumption of fast food and cookies in the name of fundraising, a quarter a cookie as a return is pretty difficult to defend.

But no one says boo. Because junk food fundraising is considered wholly normal.

It shouldn't be.

(And if it were really about philanthropy and not marketing, Chick-Fil-A would simply cut and send a cheque)

[Hat tip to Brian from Facebook who sent the poster my way]