Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday Stories: COVID Orphans, A Must Read Piece, The Currency of Risk, And COVID19 Vaccine Side Effects

Dr. Anna DeForest
John Woodrow Cox, in the Washington Post, with a heartbreaking story about 3 coronavirus orphans.

Anna DeForest, in The New England Journal of Medicine, with what I would describe as an absolutely must read piece highlighting the crushing devastation COVID is wreaking on front-line physicians.

Maggie Koerth, in Five Thirty Eight, explains how every decision is a risk, and how every risk is a decision.

Hilda Bastian, in Wired, explains why there needs to be frank transparency around any possible COVID19 side effects even if they're minor.

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Saturday Stories: No Heroes In Science, Selflessness, School Reopening, And Vaccine Developments

Stuart Richie, in Unherd, reminds us why there should be no such thing as science heroes.

Wency Leung, in The Globe and Mail, discusses her decision to donate one of her kidneys to a stranger and reflects on selflessness in the time of COVID

Carl Zimmer, in The New York Times, on the phenomenon of COVID19 super spreaders.

Hilda Bastian, in her blog Absolutely Maybe, brings us up to date on all the developments in the race to the first COVID19 vaccine.

Sarah Cohodes, on Twitter (and you don't need an account to read), with a terrific thread on considerations around school reopening.