Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saturday Stories: Is It Airborne?, Exhausted Experts, Sweden, Cancer During COVID, And Schools

Apoorva Mandavilli, in The New York Times, with a discussion on whether or not SARS-CoV2 is airborne and what that actually means.

Ed Yong, in The Atlantic, covers the toll COVID19 has had on the "not ok" experts covering, studying, and managing it.

Peter S. Goodman, in The New York Times, with the cautionary lesson from Sweden that it's the virus, not quarantines, that devastate the economy.

Bill Gardner, in the Incidental Economist, with his (first on this topic) blog post highlighting the realities he's facing after being diagnosed with cancer, in Canada, during the time of COVID.

Jennifer Couzin-Frankel, Gretchen Vogel, and Meagan Weiland, in Science, summarize the a bit all over the place data on reopening schools around the globe

Photo by Alex Valavanis / CC BY-SA