Thursday, December 01, 2005

First post

Have to admit, never pictured myself as a blogger. I was inspired by the anaesthetist who maintains one of my favourite blogs.

My name is Yoni Freedhoff and I'm a medical doctor who specializes in obesity medicine and I'm located in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA. I run a multi-disciplinary medical weight loss centre that relies on behavioural change rather than drugs or diets to help patients lose weight. My office's website is

In this blog I hope to report my thoughts on news items and stories related to weight loss as well as products and items that interest me.

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  1. You GO Yoni!

    I'm so wit U: Say NO to drugs!

    Hugs not Drugs!



    Joe aka bookofjoe

  2. Thanks Joe!

    I actually had 24 patients run a Triathlon with me and another 66 do Run for the Cure 5km to help raise money for breast cancer research. We raised more money than any other team in Ottawa - stuff like that can't come from a family practice. Our goal is to have 40 patients for a Triathlon in April.

    All the best,