Sunday, December 04, 2005

Orange juice, the greatest marketing campaign ever!

Really quick question?

If I put a tiny dollop of Vitamin C in Coca Cola would that make it good for you?

If you answered no, and if you've also been having orange or any other juice as a means to be healthier, you'd better stop drinking it.

Did you know that drop for drop orange juice (and most juices) have more calories than Coca Cola?

Now before you get all excited and start talking to me about Vitamin C you should also know that never in the history of medicine has Vitamin C ever been shown to help to reduce or prevent the common cold, cancer or heart disease.

What's even more amazing is that medical health professionals including doctors and dietitians often will tell their patients' that juice is healthy.

Quite frankly, it's not.

Here's a comparison of orange juice with a "fizzy" soda and a diet "fizzy" soda.

Bottom line, if you want a fruit, EAT ONE.