Friday, October 06, 2006


It's not a bike, but it's like-a-bike.

My wife wouldn't let me buy one, she said it was too expensive.

Basically picture a small, toddler friendly bicycle with no pedals. By using their feet, children are able to propel themselves forward and by lifting their feet up, they're able to start to learn how to balance.

Apparently kids who use these basically graduate to two-wheelers and skip the training wheels.

On the website there's a great video of a kid tooling around on one.

I may have to buy one without my wife's permission.

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  1. You can easily remove the pedals from a bike with a pedal wrench. You just have to know which way to turn the wrench. (The crank arms stay on, just the pedals come off). Then it's just like the like-a-bike, and your child can scoot around on it. But when your child is ready, you can put the pedals back on. That way you just need the one bike.

  2. Thanks Jason.

    Has anyone done this?

    My immediate concern would be that with a 2 year old, there would still be risk from the exposed gear teeth for injury and the chain in general for grease messes.

  3. I agree with you Yoni, a real bike for our kids, even sans pedals, would be a potential fiasco. Unfortunately, at 299 USD, I also agree with your wife.

  4. For us, the no-pedals trick worked great at just exactly age 4. (Following up on Jason's comment, the left pedal is threaded backwards, so you turn the wrench clockwise to remove.) I'm very much enjoying the weighty matters weblog.

  5. Thanks Parke,

    I'm a frequent visitor to your blog as well and definitely enjoyed your recent article detailed your government's messages regarding weight management that was published in Obesity.

    If my kid takes after me...she's going to be pretty clutzy. Poor thing, good thing she's got her mother's looks.

    Welcome to Weighty Matters!