Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Wee-Ride

As the newspapers will tell you virtually daily, childhood obesity rates are growing rapidly. Parents will often call me to ask me what they should do about their overweight kids and generally my answer's always the same - treat your lifestyles.

Kids are not going to live lives different from their parents. Live the life you want your child to live, and that includes healthy regular eating with no meal skipping or snack skipping, calorie awareness and exercise.

Perhaps the easiest way to exercise is to focus on what I often call "Functional Exercise" rather than gyms, and perhaps one of the best functional exercises is going out for family walks or bike rides.

The Wee-Ride looks like a great option in place of one of those rear baby carriage thing. With the Wee-Ride you can talk easily with your child while riding and not have to worry about what's going on behind you. You can also buy an additional mounting bar so the Wee-Ride can be swapped between parental bikes.

Remember of course, once your child is old enough to ride, a better option would be their own bike.

Tomorrow I'll post on a great bike related product for toddlers.