Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Google Pedometer

So I'm in Toronto this weekend and the batteries die in my Nike +ipod Sport kit and I forgot my pedometer and I want to know how far my run was.

I could jump in my car and drive out the route, or I could use Google Pedometer.

Called Gmap Pedometer it's a mashup of Google maps that allows you to measure any route you'd like.

Simply zoom into whereever you'd like to map, double click on your starting point and all points in between and Gmap Pedometer will work out your distance.

Yesterday it told me I'm slow.

It's not the most beautiful interface, but for its ease of use and its high degree of functionality I give gmap pedometer an A.

Oh and by the way, there's no right number of steps you should take in a day. All this ridiculousness about 10,000 - fact is the best goal step wise is to take as many as you can enjoy, because if you try to take more steps than you enjoy, you'll stop taking them altogether.