Monday, June 11, 2007

You Know you're Hardcore When....

You know I like exercise.

A few weekends ago we had 64 patients run the Dr. Freedhoff Challenge triathlon through Somersault. Two weekends ago we had 4 patients run the National Capital Marathon, 2 run half-marathons and a whole bunch run a 10km run.

One of my fondest exercise memories is hiking from Lichtenstein to France across the Swiss Alps (a route called the Alpine Pass Route - absolutely breathtakingly fabulous hiking). I decided to hike it because it was billed as one of the 3 most difficult hikes in Europe that didn't require specialized equipment.

During that hike I remember it being a positive thing when a few of my toenails decided to fall off in protest of the beating they were taking.

People have said I'm crazy for having that sentiment, but I'll tell you, I'm not nearly as crazy as someone named Jan Ryerse. Jan is an ultrarunner - someone who likes running over 100 miles at a stretch. He also kind of designs jewelery.....made from toenails.

Like I said, you know you're hardcore when.

Click the picture above, I dare ya.