Wednesday, December 09, 2009

An exciting new Canadian dietetics initiative!

And we've got to find ways to get it more attention!

It's called "The Ryerson Declaration" and it stems from the 2009 Ryerson University workshop, Beyond Nutritionism: Rescuing Dietetics through Critical Dialogue and according to the Dietitians of Canada Practice Blog, the Ryerson workshop gave birth to a new focus in dietetics that attendees referred to as, "Critical Dietetics".

Unlike nutritionism, the aim of Critical Dietetics is to answer tough questions utilizing critical appraisal and an evidence based approach. Questions such as,

"What counts as “knowing” in dietetic practice? How do we, as nutrition professionals, come to know what we don’t know? How does the evidenced-based culture of dietetics give voice? Where does dietetic culture render silence? What is it that we have already accomplished as a profession? In what ways do we continue to evolve? How can we further build upon the rich roots of our profession? What do we envision for the future of our profession?"
The Ryerson Declaration then is a manifesto of sorts calling for change whereby,
"It invites constructive dialogue and challenges us to discuss, debate, and rethink what we know and how we know it. It is a generative and collective effort which understands that strength comes from diversity and debate."
It's this type of thinking that may see dietetics rise from the realm of belief based nutritionism to evidence based science and allow for debates with passion, but not anger, and end the current state of affairs where people take disagreements personally and emotionally rather than with thoughtful critical appraisal.

The post on the DC site is getting very little play. I know quite a few Canadian RDs read this blog - I hope you all take the time to pop over there read all about it and hopefully sign onto the declaration.

[Hat tip to blogging friend, Canadian RD and gastronomic explorer Vincci who linked to the declaration on her blog yesterday]