Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Badvertising: Nestlé's Boost "Nutritious Energy" (2.5x the nutritious energy of Coca Cola)

First let me thank Nestlé Nutrition for sponsoring the Canadian Obesity Network's Student Meeting (and therefore for sponsoring my talk).

Now that the thank you is out of the way let me ask Nestlé Nutrition what they were smoking when they labelled their Boost beverage with the words, "Nutritious Energy".

I came across the bottles in a big bowl at the conference and intrigued by vague and meaningless "Nutritious Energy" billing, I had a peek at the nutrition facts panel.

The first three nutritious ingredients?

1. Water
2. Sugar
3. Corn syrup (Sugar)

The number of teaspoons of sugar per 237ml bottle?


The calories?


Percentage of calories from sugar?


How does it compare to Coca Cola?

2.5x the calories and 1.5x the sugar.

So if you think throwing a bit of fat, protein and some vitamins into a Coca Cola along with an extra 3.5 teaspoons of sugar would make it, "nutritious", than by all means drink Boost, but be prepared for it to potentially not taste so good - as one fellow conference goer said when I mentioned I was going to blog about it,

"And it tastes like chalky shit. Can't leave that out."

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  1. I had a great time at the conference, but I wish our "Health Breaks" had more options than Power Bars and Boost shakes.

  2. Isn't Boost normally marketed as a meal replacement for invalids, much like Ensure? I could swear I've seen it in the pharmacy in that section.

    Interesting that they're now marketing it to the general population.

  3. Wow. I cannot believe this stuff.

  4. You could have had this as your Funny Friday blog.

    Except that after the laughter has subsided, it is still just utterly ridiculous.

    And this is the stuff the cancer patients I used to work with were given. Ugh.

  5. Not only is concentrated sugar linked to met syn and cancer but now also CON!

  6. Last night I saw an advertisement for microwave popcorn. Fairly run of the mill stuff, laced with oils, fake butter powder, and all manner of bad stuff. They proudly advertised at the end of the ad that the popcorn was 100 whole grain.

    Of course it's whole grain... it's corn.

  7. Anonymous4:38 am

    Boost has helped me to gain and maintain a healthy weight (after surgery). I am also a cancer patient and Boost has helped me maintain good health. By the way, the sugar-cancer "debate" is just that- a debate. I have been cancer free with no recurrence for 8 yrs-ovarian stage 3c.