Monday, August 30, 2010

Nutrition policy in Britain hits bottom and digs.

Good lord.

First they abolished their national school lunch program.

Next they killed their front of package labeling plan.

Then they turned over control of their anti-obesity public health campaign to the food industry. Then they promised them they wouldn't regulate them.

After that they stripped their Food Standards Agency of their labeling oversight.

Then the British parliamentary under-secretary of state for health recommended that GPs start calling their obese patients, "fat".


Now they've recommended that basically anything that has a fruit or vegetable in it be counted towards the goal of their "5-A-Day" campaign for fruits and vegetables.

Stuff that'll be included now?

Godawful processed cereal bars, salty tomato sauces, sugar syrupy fruit salads and lots and lots of potatoes.

My prediction?

A decade or two from now Britain will overtake the United States for the title of the world's most obese nation, because while the States is far from perfect, public policy when it comes to nutrition and obesity, albeit slowly, is improving, while in Britain it seems it's free falling down the nutritional poop chute.

[Hat tip to Twitter's @evidencematters]