Monday, October 04, 2010

Fatism rears its ugly head in Toronto mayoral race.

Rob Ford is a 41 year old mayoral candidate running in Toronto's upcoming elections.

Politically Ford has certainly provided folks with ample ammunition to go after him, but just last week, retired anesthesiologist Dr. Marvin Kay went after him just because Ford was ample.

According to the column in the Toronto Sun, Kay commented at an open mike,

"I'm a physician and I look upon you as a possible patient. I am concerned about your weight. Do you think you'll be able to handle a four year term"
Because everybody knows fat folks can't possibly handle politics - just ask Winston Churchill.

Later in a radio interview Kay continued,
"I was quite disturbed by his obesity. He’s a very heavy man with a large belly and double chin. He was sweating quite a bit. Several times he picked up a towel or a napkin to wipe his forehead ... his weight could become a problem and perhaps lead to a heart attack or stroke."
Really Dr. Kay? You've seen a lot of 41 year old obese men drop dead of heart attacks and strokes?

Sadly there are a lot of Dr. Kays in this world, including many who are indeed physicians.

I suppose the only silver lining in this story is that Dr. Kay has retired and consequently he's no longer bringing his brand of all too common bias to the bedside.