Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Are You the Parent of an Ottawa Grade 6 Student? Read This!

Today's a rare good news post!

My local readers might know that my office has recently begun a pilot partnership with the YMCA-YWHA here in Ottawa. What that means is that people can enroll in our office's program and get seen at Ottawa's downtown Y location and at the same time, catch a large combined break on the costs of our program's unlimited visits and a year-long Y membership. What it also means is that I've been able to learn a great deal more about the Ottawa Ys.

So here's the thrust of this post. If you've got a Grade 6 child living in your home he or she is entitled to join the Y Kids Academy. There's no cost whatsoever and what it affords your child is the following:
  • A 12 hour free healthy living after-school program that teaches your child the basics of the safe use of fitness equipment and healthy living strategies
  • A free Y membership allowing your child access to every Y in the city (save the executive Y downtown across from the CBC studios) (awarded on completion of the 12 hour course).
  • 6 free training sessions with the Bytown Stormtroopers Triathlon club
  • A $200 rebate for you if you'd like to purchase a family membership
Honestly, this is an unbelievably generous and healthy opportunity, and for parents who might struggle with the financial cost of after-school activities, a real blessing.

If you're interested enrolling couldn't be easier. Click here to print out an enrollment form, fill it, show up to the Y where you'd like your child to take the course, and away you go. Session schedules available here. First come, first served.

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