Monday, October 29, 2012

Wanna See What We're Giving Out for Halloween?

Hey a feel-good story for once!

Took my kids to skating this past weekend at that same sports and recreation facility that serves the atrocious food.

Was thrilled to find these coupons. They cost $1 each (sold in books of 10) and they entitle the recipient to a free skate or swim. They're being sold in each and every city run recreation facility in Ottawa so if you're interested, you've still got a few days to return the candy and pick these up.

My only complaint is the cost. We live in a neighbourhood with fairly few kids so the 30 that we bought will likely last the night.

Where we used to live I'm guessing we'd easily have between 100-200 kids. If they could price them down to $0.25 I'm thinking they'd be much more readily adopted.

While I realize you might not have a similar opportunity near you, in previous years we've handed out little playdohs, stickers, temporary tattoos and sugar-free gum. And as far as acceptance goes - we have yet to be egged.

On Halloween overall, stay tuned for my post on US News and World Report on Wednesday regarding my thoughts therein.

Have a scary one!