Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hydroxycut - A Case Study in Scumbaggedness

Hope you're enjoying this holiday season! This week is traditionally my blog-cation and so instead of writing new posts, I'm posting some favourites from back in 2009.
And if that's not a word yet, in this case it should be.

Remember a few months back when Hydroxycut was pulled from the market because it injured livers and killed people?

Well guess what?

It's back!

And not only is it back but reportedly the only ingredient left from the original formulation is caffeine.

Pretty neat stuff eh? Bing-bam-boom and a bit of bibbidity bobbidy boo and presto - a new fantastic supplement that, "really works!". Clinical trials are so 1990s!

So what does it work at?

Well that's a great question.

According to Iovate's new Thermogenic Hydroxycut Advanced website, it
"Boosts Metabolism to Burn Calories"
How you ask? Well according to the fine print,
"Increased energy and boosted metabolism to burn more calories is supported by its key ingredient, caffeine"
So I guess it's like an awesome cup of coffee and yet unlike the box of Thermogenic Hydroxycut Advanced I've never seen a Starbucks cup that brags about its,
So is coffee a weight loss supplement?

Um, no.

Is Hydroxycut Thermogenic Advance a weight loss supplement?

Looking at the box you might think so as right there at the top in big banner letters you'll read,
"From the makers of America's #1 selling weight-loss supplement brand of 07-08"
(I'm guessing it was also America's #1 killing brand of 07-08 but somehow that doesn't have the same zing)

Well guess what, if you read the smaller letters you'll find out that not even Hydroxycut's parent company Iovate calls it a weight loss supplement as in the tiny fine print you'll note they say,
"It is not a weight control product"
Yeah, I know, caveat emptor but do remember emptors, what you've got to caveat are scumbags that try to pawn off expensive, overhyped, deceptively marketed neutraceuticals "that really works!" as useful where the only "scientifically researched" ingredient is one you can get in a cup of coffee.