Monday, January 28, 2013

McDonald's Uses Ronald McDonald House to Sell Happy Meals

Just in case you thought Ronald McDonald house was all about altruism and charity.

Fact of the matter is that true altruism and corporations simply can't mix. What I mean is that money spent by corporations on charity needs to provide a return on investment. Whether by means of improving a brand's image (and thereby increasing brand loyalty and sales), or by stifling criticism (and thereby decreasing negative coverage or legislation and consequently sustaining sales), or by leveraging the association to sell products (and of course sales), corporate dollars can't be squandered.

For McDonald's I'd bet Ronald McDonald houses achieve all three with the photos here illustrating their use of Ronald McDonald houses to market directly to children.

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  1. The McDonald's All-Access Moms programme tapped into this as well.

  2. Anonymous11:17 pm

    I would just like to comment that the Ronald McDonald house was a welcome place to eat when we were at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego. There were volunteers every night serving food to the parents and families of patients at the hospital for free. I am grateful for all the volunteers and for the facilities during the time of need for my family.

  3. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Stick to what you know, Mr. Freedhoff. It's obvious you have no understanding of the relationship between Ronald McDonald House Charities and McDonald's corporation. It disgusts me that you take into question the altruistic and charitable nature of the Ronald McDonald House program. I pray you never find yourself in the unfortunate position to need the services of a Ronald McDonald House...but if you do, the doors would be open to you and your family regardless of what you think, how many happy meals you have bought, or how much money you make. Do your research, and the next time you make an attack I hope you have the facts to back it up. This is an uneducated, personally biased blog post that frankly makes me question YOUR understanding of altruism and charity.

    P.S. It would do you a lot of good to visit the blog link posted by Ann.