Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Badvertising: Special K's Newest Campaign Tells Us All The Things Fat People Are Not

Special K's new campaign slogan is simple,
"What will you gain when you lose?"
Then they ask you - the presumably hoping to lose weight reader/eater - to submit your answer in video form, and they also happily provide you with examples.

Looking to their extended campaign video Special K starts off by explaining how since they day we're born we're defined by a number. They then ask, "but is a number inspiring?" while images of weight scales and body fat callipers flash in the background.

Almost makes you think that they're about to say that you can be healthy and happy at any weight.

But of course that wouldn't sell their highly processed cereal.

To do that they need to make you feel bad about yourself.

And to accomplish that the ad goes on to explain all the things you presumably couldn't possibly be if you're fat, because you'll only gain these emotions and beliefs when you lose weight:
If you want to know the dozens of other things you can't feel or believe if you're fat, feel free to head over to their image gallery.

Way to empower women to feel comfortable and proud in their own skin.