Saturday, March 09, 2013

Saturday Stories: Trolls, Cheerleading, Amazeballs and Guerrilla Gardening

The New York Times covers the science of internet trolls.

Tom Laskawy in Grist and a great open letter to Michele Obama explaining how being a cheerleader for the food industry isn't likely to help.

My friend and fellow MD blogger Bryan Chung with some awesome irreverence on the recent eat protein for muscles story (and that's his photo I ripped off up above).

Here's a bonus TED Talk (email subscribers you'll need to visit the blog to watch) from Ron Finley on guerrilla gardening (h/t to CHEO's Dr. Stasia Hadjiyannakis)

[And finally some extras from me. My weekly US News and World Report piece this week was on why I think baked chips are worse than fried, and here's a clip from the CBC with me ranting about the need to stop focusing on individuals and start changing the environment in the context of Ontario's recent Healthy Kids panel report]