Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Washington's Bethel School District Is Part of the Problem

On February 28th I received an email from an employee who wishes to remain nameless who works for Washington's Bethel School District.

That email contained two emails, sent just 5 hours apart, that clearly demonstrate that Bethel School District just doesn't get it.

The saddest part is that I've no doubt these emails are representative of the norm, not the exception.

We need to disentangle ourselves from our normalized reliance and embrace of junk food and Bethel School District should know that providing every district employee (that's who the emails went out to) with encouragement and permission to eat out is part of the problem and not part of the solution.
2/28 3:05pm

Hey Everyone,

Roy Elementary would like to invite you to join them for their McTeacher Night. It is scheduled for TONIGHT, Thursday, February 28th from 5-7pm at the McDonalds located at 14900 Pacific Ave. in Spanaway.

2/28 8:25pm

Child Nutrition staff are selling Leonardi's pizza to raise money for their chapter (these are delicious pizzas!)

Money raised will be used for a scholarship for a student who will be applying themselves into the culinary arts program. Each kitchen will be taking orders now through March 7, 2013:

Pepperoni Pizza, Sausage Pizza and Cheese Pizza, 2 Pizzas for $15 or $8 each

Orders will be picked up by Child Nutrition staff on March 14th. You will need to pick up your pizza at Liberty Middle School on March 14 between 2pm and 4pm. These pizzas will be just in time for your St. Patrick's Day festivities!

Please contact your school's kitchen staff if you have questions or to place an order.

Checks should be made payable to: WSNA Bethel Chapter 30