Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Children's Hospitals Selling Out for Peanuts in Misguided Slices For Smiles Eat Pizza Campaign

Have you heard of Slices for Smiles?

It's the Pizza Pizza partnership with children's hospitals and their Foundations that literally raises money by means of selling pepperoni pizzas. The flyer posted up above (which arrived in my mailbox a few days ago) reports the partnership includes the Children's Miracle Network, SickKids Foundation, Raising Hope Children's Health Foundation, the CHEO Foundation and the McMaster Children's Hospital.

As I've blogged about before, associating Pizza Pizza with fundraising helps to elevate Pizza Pizza's brand a number of ways: The insanely low prices for pizza coupled with children and charity drive customer loyalty and increase frequency of fast food consumption, while the explicit provision of support for fast food's purchase by children's hospitals furthers the normalization its consumption which in turn help to drive the ever increasing pace of diet and weight related diseases in kids. Moreover the tie in with such an incredibly heart felt charity generates an emotional feeling that gets bound to Pizza Pizza's brand.

So do the hospitals at least make a killing by selling the seeds of illness?

Doesn't look that way.

According to Pizza Pizza's Slices for Smiles Foundation homepage since 2007 the campaign has raised $1,000,000.

That's $1,000,000 over 6 years split up at least 5 ways.

That's $33,333 a year each.

An unbelievable bargain for Pizza Pizza (remember too, they're donating "a portion of proceeds" from their sales - this isn't straight philanthropy).

An incredible sell out of the kids these hospitals and Foundations are supposed to protect and champion.

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  1. Anonymous9:32 am

    There needs to be a distinction here regarding what constitutes fast food and not. The danger is that people associate pizza with unhealthiness, and that's not really true. It's like saying sandwiches are unhealthy based on what you can buy at Subway.

    The distinction...
    Pizza - a simple Italian dish, baked at home with whole wheat flour, simple toppings (tomatoes, olives, a smattering of cheese, never ever pepperoni). We eat it at least once a week (one half of our marriage is native Italian), so we know exactly what goes into it, and it's a perfectly healthy meal.

    Fast food pizza - an abomination smothered in greasy cheese with stupid amounts of sausage or whatever other cheap meat can be found, which nobody in the great country of Italy would touch with a ten foot pole.

    Just because the "identity" of pizza has been hijacked by a few fast food joints, don't dismiss the entire genre. There are plenty of places where one can buy a good quality wood-fired pizza made with decent toppings (goat cheese & arugula, artichokes & proscuitto, plain grated zucchini with no cheese, to name just 3 of our favorites).

    So, please refer to the c*** that pizzapizza sells (and pizza hut, and little ceasars, and papa johns, and dominos), as "fast food pizza", to distinguish it from its more noble ancestors.

  2. Anonymous11:40 am

    I feel the same about "cookies for cancer" in our area.

  3. I agree with 'Anonymous' that selfish and unabashed self promotion of Pizza Pizza under the garb of philanthropy should not make people assume that Pizza is unhealthy. Actually origin of Pizza lie in the rural region of Italy, where it was the staple diet of the farmers. In its original form it was simple, basic, nutritious yet delicious.