Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ontario Police Reward Children for Good Deeds with 710ml "Froster" Containing Half a Cup of Sugar!

It's called "Operation Freeze" and it involves Peel Regional Police "ticketing" children seen doing a good deed and encouraging them to perceive doing the right thing as "cool" by means of providing them with a citation that includes a coupon for a 710ml convenience store "Froster".

That 710ml Froster?

444 calories and 103.2gr of sugar (26 teaspoons - half a teaspoon more than half a cup!)

And of course it also comes with the message that good deeds deserve sugar sweetened treats and that said treats are rewards for a job well done.

Would free passes to city run sporting facilities have been too difficult to obtain for the city run police department to give out in sugar's stead?


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