Wednesday, May 15, 2013

State of Ohio Partners up with McDonald's and Coca-Cola to Promote Tourism.

Thanks to fellow physician Dr. Tony Almazan from Dayton, Ohio for letting me know about how Tourism Ohio has partnered up with McDonald's and Coca-Cola to help promote visiting one of America's heaviest States.

And what a partnership it is! Not only does the partnership steer people to visit McDonald's, but it also steers them explicitly to a large beverage from Coca-Cola whereby consumers who buy a large Coke (not small or medium Cokes) at McDonald's can trade the cup it came in for discounts at various Ohio tourist destinations.


And clearly a salient example of just how important obesity is to the Coca-Cola corporation who now promote themselves as being partners in trying to create a healthier America. Maybe they'll also give them all soccer balls?

[For those who like numbers, a large Coca-Cola from McDonalds? At 30oz it's just 1/4 of a cup shy of a litre and it packs 280 calories coming from its 19 teaspoons (76g) of sugar.]