Thursday, November 07, 2013

Badvertising: Go-Gurt Doubles Down on Health Halo Marketing

If I were asked to describe Go-Gurt succinctly the words, "sugary blech" would leap to mind, but if Go-Gurt's new packaging has any influence on consumers' thoughts therein, they may instead think, "healthy snack".

So what has Go-Gurt done aside from repackage? Well they've also reformulated.

Gone is HFCS, and, hold onto your hats, sugar's down by a whole gram per serving.

But what's still there?

A teeny tiny tube that is basically made up of a bit of milk along with a full 2.25 tsp of sugar that in turn delivers a hint of calcium, vitamin D and a measly 2g of protein.

The problem isn't that this stuff exists. The problem is that Yoplait's allowed to stamp Go-Gurt boxes with all sorts of copy that very directly scream to consumers, "HEALTHY", when really it may just be sugary blech.

Do you really want your kids eating sugary blech?

[And if you're so inclined to hear about its taste - have a peek at this laugh out loud review, albeit from a product tasting before that single gram of sugar disappeared.]