Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kudos to the New Brunswick Medical Society for Tackling School Food!

I love this initiative!

So the New Brunswick Medical Society has invited parents, teachers and kids to take pictures of their school food to share on the Society's Facebook page. The submissions weren't surprising. Plenty of awful fare of course (like that actual menu sent in up above), and also a tiny bit of good.

The point of the campaign is to raise awareness that Menus Matter, and that while New Brunswick physicians can't force schools or school food policy to change, they can certainly help lend a mirror and a voice to parental concerns.

Given our children are literally being built out of the foods we're serving them, asking the question of whether or not our schools should be building them out of pizza and chicken nuggets is an important question.

Good luck NBMS, and thanks to Society member and blog reader Dr. John Tobin for sending my way.

[And if the Ontario Medical Association is reading - I'd be happy to help spearhead a similar initiative here were there a desire.]