Monday, December 02, 2013

Parental "No" Files: Doctor Specific/My Life Edition

This past weekend MD Management, a physician specific investment group, generously hosted Ottawa MDs and their children to a sneak preview of Disney's new movie Frozen (it was great BTW, and only one very indirect body image reference and no weight bias/stigma).

We were invited to arrive at 9:30am.

Along with our free passes, MD Management generously gave out stuffed bears to the kids.

But their generosity didn't stop there.

Free kid's combos for all kids which appeared to consist of 4 cups of movie popcorn, 16oz of sugared soda, and 1 tube of M&M minis for a total of 641 calories and 18 teaspoons of sugar at 9:30 in the morning!

Yes of course, parents can say "No" (and I did - my daughter and I shared half a small bag of popcorn (which when ordered resulted in a great deal of confusion behind the counter) and we brought water along), and yes, I get that movies and junk food are synonymous, and no doubt MD Management was just trying to be a good host (which they certainly were), but here's looking forward to the day when being a good host doesn't include the automated provision of junk food.

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  1. Hilary8:59 am

    It would have been so easy to give each child one cup of lightly buttered popcorn, a small (100 cal) granola bar, & an apple juice or bottle of water.

  2. Anonymous12:20 pm

    A Christmas orange, or just the Teddy Bear!

  3. Isn't it amusing that we consider it normal to be eating something at the movies--I mean a whole 90 or 120 minutes without food would be horrific!

    1. That's a recurring motif in the "Parental NO Files", I've noticed -- the notion that it's unreasonable to expect a child (or an adult) to go two whole hours without consuming something, and probably something highly processed and highly caloric. (The usual plea of the person or group presenting the consumable is that it's "just this once", failing to acknowledge that the "just this once" happens two to six times every day.)