Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Stories: Pink, a Backpack, Ebola, Glucola, and Home Cooking

The Chicago Tribune's Barbara Brotman on why some women with breast cancer dread the pink month of October.

A harrowing story in the New Yorker by Jennifer Gonnerman on a boy, a stolen backpack, and 3 years of his life.

A great piece of investigative journalism by a team from the Washington Post on the failures that have allowed for Ebola's rapid spread.

Dr. Jen Gunter delivers the Food Babe's most recent idiocy surrounding Glucola and OGTT testing.

Emily Landau in Flare (with some quotes from me) on the baby steps she's taken towards home cooking and the difference they've made in her life.

And here's the segment I did with CTV's The Social this week on sleep, sleep trackers, sleep aids, and sleep issues.

Also, if you're in Ottawa, here are the details on the free public lecture I'm delivering this coming Thursday October 16th at 7:00pm at Centrepointe Theatre for Ottawa Public Health (book signing following the lecture) - tickets are limited so register (freely) today!