Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Stories: Viola Vanclief, Environments, Ebola x 2, and Marathons

Viola Vanclief
Garrett Therolf in the LA Times tells the haunting story of Viola Vanclief's too short life.

Brad Stulberg in The Harvard Public Health Review makes the case for levee building over swimming lessons in behaviour change.

Josephus Weeks, the nephew of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan, with a must read story in The Dallas News on why his uncle's death might have been preventable.

Frank Bruni in The New York Times on how Ebola has highlighted our messed up health priorities and asks, among other things, if you've had your flu shot?

Alex Hutchinson in Runner's World with an amazing example of why the Internet's a great place to write, with his incredibly presented piece on what it's going to take to run a sub 2 hour marathon.

[And if you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, here's my piece this week from US News and World Report where I make the case for "Guerrilla Nutrition."]